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Idioms (2022) for orchestra, 2(pic)222  4231 3perc hp str


Open Road (2023) for percussion quartet and audience-interactive electronics

Beat/Switch/Niche/Step (2022) for string quartet and live electronics

ICXN@CL&ST! (2022) for amplified harp, electric guitar, electric bass, and drum set

SACCHARIDES FOR SHINY FIVE (2021) for brass quintet

Alternating Gradient Synchrotron⚡ (2021) for flute, violin, and cello

Honorable Mention, Ensemble CONCEPT/21 Call for Scores

just another scene from the edge of proximity (2021) for oboe, horn, and double bass

Elegy and Celebration (2020) for flute, viola, piano, and prepared piano

Six Degrees (2020) for up to six instrumentalists in isolation

Atlas Chronemica (2020) for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Honorable Mention, Tribeca New Music 2022 Young Composer Competition (Division 2)

haptic: three essays on Brutality (2020) for string quartet​

Vocalics (2020) for alto saxophone and suona

TOP TEN SONGS GONE WRONG!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!) (2020) for viola, double bass, consumers, and audience

String Quartet no. 2 (2019)


where else i'd rather be (2022) for harp and mezzo-soprano

Infinite Upstream (2021, rev. 2023) for choir or SSATTB vocal sextet, narrator, and percussion

tomorrow the Wildcarrot (2020) for SATB vocal quartet

Honorable Mention, NAMM Young Composers Contest 2020

Willow Poem (2019) for choir

winner of the 2019 ILMEA Student Composition Contest (Vocal Ensemble category)


Walk, Run, Sprint (2023) for lever harp

toccatina (2023) for lever harp

whorlweaver (2023) for pedal harp

Move Fast and Break Things (2022) for pedal harp and live electronics

winner of the 2023 SEAMUS Allen Strange Award

+.*~glimmerflecked+.*~ (2021, rev. 2023) for pedal harp

featured composition at the 2023 American Harp Society Summer Institute

self (2020) for pedal harp

winner of the 2021 USAIHC Ruth Inglefield Composition Contest

In Bloom (2019) for trumpet

The Softness of Memory (2019) for piano

winner of the 2019 ILMEA Student Composition Contest (Keyboard Solo category)



Ripples In Still Waters (2023) short film

Best Sound Design, Montage Film Festival

Patience (2018) short film


seashell gossip (2023) interactive duet for instrument and wii remote

16 Aesthetics for the Modern Consumer (2021) micro-movement music video

Bring May Flowers (2020) art telephone contribution

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